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Thought for the Day: Are you Producing Enough Engaging Content?

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, 64% of B2B content marketers feel that the biggest challenge they face is producing enough content…

…the second biggest challenge (52%) is producing the kind of content that engages.

Can you guess what the third biggest challenge is?

That’ll be producing a variety of content (45%).

That being said, the three biggest challenges faced by content marketers are intertwined. Producing meaningless volume-based content will not engage your audience, and the only way to create a good volume of engaging content is to test out a variety of different content formats to see what works for you.

For over 3 years I have attempted to get brands to test out different formats of content to see what works for them. In most situations, this can be achieved by trial and error, researching what your competition is doing, and taking note of what the most active big brands are up to – brands such as Red Bull, IKEA, Kraft, Kit Kat and John Lewis all have stellar content marketing campaigns online and offline. Whilst you likely don’t have the budget these guys have, that does not stop you from admiring them and empowering your efforts with inspiration.

We wrote up a very good blog post a short while back talking about ways in which you can create unique content ideas. It talked about interviews, answering questions, creating infographics and curation.

When we talk about content marketing here at Content Hero, we refer to the creation of stories that customers are going to engage with. Content that is not relevant to your audience, and a lack of quality content, can deplete a business of the results content marketing can bring.

Outsourcing is they key to addressing the biggest challenge faced by content marketers.

Of course, addressing the biggest challenge faced by B2B content marketers is simple… just outsource your efforts. At Content Hero, we work with companies behind the scenes to manage content creation – whether it’s articles, copywriting, press releases, infographics, white papers, ebooks or interviews that work for your business, we have the expertise needed to create content for you that is not just visually stunning, but customer specific too.

Get in touch with us today to talk about outsourcing solutions for your company and solve your biggest B2B content marketing challenge.

Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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