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5 Killer ways to Create Unique Content when Ideas Fall Flat

As a business owner, blogger or webmaster, chances are you get stuck in to writing content at least a few times a week for your audience. For some, blog post topics come easy and writing fresh and unique content is as simple as heading over to Google News and finding a relevant story before covering it. Whilst this is fantastic for certain niches who have this opportunity, not everybody is in the same boat.

Sometimes blog post ideas simply fall flat.

Writers block is another issue aside from running out of topics to cover. Together, these two issues can plague any writer and if you operate a business or blog which depends on weekly or even daily unique content, you run the risk of losing readers or worse, subscribers.

So whilst every subject has tens of topics, what happens when you exhaust them?

During the space of running an online business there will come a point when you run out of ideas on content to publish. Thankfully, you need not stress.

Here are five killer ways to drum up unique content when ideas fall flat.

1. Interview an industry leader

Everybody loves a good interview, and interviews are not just the premium content of national newspapers and magazines. Even as a small business owner you could interview authorities in your niche quite easily, and in some cases it is as simple as contacting a personality directly. Getting in touch with PR companies is also a good way of setting up an interview, and many PR companies have a large portfolio of clients whom they would be happy to set you up with, providing the interviewee would get positive exposure out of it.

2. Create your own infographic

Infographics are a relatively new medium for businesses to take advantage of. In their most basic form, they enable individuals and businesses to provide other people information via images so that it is easy to digest.  The main uses of these graphical and visual representations is to transmit complex data to others in a quick way that is also easy to understand. Infographics are most effective when they are up to date with an emerging trend, and for maximum results, professional web design agencies and digital agencies can design them. Even if you go solo, a good infographic can be picked up by hundreds of websites and blogs leading to huge exposure for your business.

3. Round up the top blog posts in your industry from around the web

If you can not find the time to write blog posts for your own blog during a given week or simply have no topics to cover, a round up post every Friday summing up 5 working days of other blogs content is a respectable way of creating unique content. I have done this myself a lot in the past on some of my own blogs, and a blog post titled “The Best Blog Posts on Technology/your Niche: 22nd – 26th April Edition” would be perfect. The great thing about this type of post is that it will be completely unique, and you will be able to summarize each post with your own thoughts. The Verge have this method of creating unique content cracked.

4. Highlight the top bloggers to follow in your niche

This type of blog post when created has numerous benefits. The first of those benefits is that your blog will be linking out to other peoples social media profiles and websites, which in turn can lead to links back to your website, and the second benefit is that this post will be relevant to your whole audience. After all, they are your customers. So long as you recommend personalities who follow your brand guidelines and offer up genuinely interesting thoughts, this type of unique content will be a great addition to your website.

5. Answer questions in depth

A frequently asked questions page can only go so far as to answering the many questions potential customers may have about your business. You can create unique daily or weekly content by creating questions and answers blog posts which in turn can be linked internally through the static pages of your website. Bearing in mind these FAQ blog posts will reflect your business, be sure to check for grammar and punctuation twice before publishing.

If you suffer writers block in the near future or simply run out of content ideas, hopefully the five methods of creating a topic to write about above will help you out. Be sure to let us know how you get on as well as detail your favourite methods of creating unique content by commenting below.

Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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