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What is Copyscape, and why is it Important to Content Marketing?

We are taught from a young age that plagiarism is something none of us should be a part of and in schools, pupils can be disqualified from exams for copying another persons hard work. In business, plagiarism of work is a real issue, and that especially holds true when it comes to content and content marketing.

Writing high quality content takes time and dedication, and a lot of hard work goes in to the creation of content so that it is as effective as possible at carrying out its aims. There are many ways one can copy somebody’s content, including through the simple copy and paste function as well as using content scraping bots to steal writing from RSS feeds. Both of these methods are common place online, and our own team of writers have been a victim to content stealing at some point in their lives. It’s a real-world issue for anybody operating online, and at Content Hero we abhor those who go out of their way to gain credit from another persons dedication. That’s why we are huge fans of Copyscape, an online tool which acts as a plagiarism detector.

The basics of Copyscape

Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker which is used by marketers from around the world as a key tool in the fight against content plagiarism. The team behind Copyscape are very much dedicated to protecting original work online, and their 100% free tool is used to check the originality of new content, prevent duplicate content, and search for copies of existing content online.

The more advanced features of Copyscape

The free tool provided by Copyscape which is available to anybody online is a great way to find out whether the content on your web pages is unique and not published elsewhere. As well as that free service, Copyscape also provides two paid for features which include Copyscape Premium and Copysentry. Both of these services are unique against each other, with Copyscape Premium allowing a user to check the originality of content before publishing it online. Copysentry is a tool which allows for the constant monitoring of search results for plagiarism, giving you the heads up as to any web pages that have infringed your copyright since publishing. Together, these two tools make for a powerful combination.

Why Copyscape is a friend to content marketing

Google and other search engines hate duplicate content, especially duplicate content which is 100% stolen. Search engines nowadays are very intelligent and generally know who the original publisher of content is, and so will only punish sites that steal content. In cases, though, it has been known for websites that have done nothing wrong to be hit with a form of penalty too. Once your content is published online just like this very blog post, over time it will undoubtedly be used elsewhere online, no matter how many precautions you put in place.

Copyscape is an amazing tool for content marketers because it not only allows you to check the originality of a web pages content, but it also allows marketers to check the originality of content before it is published online. This is a fool proof way of finding out whether the content you have is unique. Alongside Copysentry which monitors content after it has been published online, Copyscape is an immensely powerful tool that any content marketer should have in their tool belt.

At Content Hero we provide a Copyscape pass guarantee

As a professional content writing services agency, at Content Hero we provide a Copyscape pass guarantee on all of the content that we write. We understand the true power of Copyscape, and use it to its full potential to ensure that you only receive amazing content writing.

Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

2 thoughts on “What is Copyscape, and why is it Important to Content Marketing?

  1. Thanks for such a deep review. However, I would like to suggest you also mentioning an alternative duplicate detection tool – For a long time we’ve used PlagSpotter as an alternative to CopyScape, when CopyScape was down or we had some suspicious thoughts about their check results, but actually it turned out that now we used PlagSpotter mainly, because it’s just much more useful and designed very well (this one makes our content manager a bit more happier). What we didn’t like in CopyScape it’s that it was developed quite a while ago and it seems like they did like no improvements at all since then, while PlagSpotter in opposite is evolving each month.

    My comment turned into a whole wall of text, sorry about that, but I hope you got what I mean – Copyscape is not a panacea.

    1. Eric,

      Thank you for the recommendation of Plagspotter. I have tested out the service and it all looks good. Whilst Copyscape is not a panacea, it is for all intents a solid tool from my own experiences.

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