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5 Benefits of Outsourcing your Content Writing

You will know your own business better than anybody. Whether you are brand design focused, web development focused, online marketing focused or a mixture of the three the success of your clients is what drives you every single day. It’s fair to say that at Content Hero we are very much results focused too, and love the feedback digital agencies give us surrounding our content writing services and the impact our content has on client results.

When it comes to content marketing, chances are you will have found that it takes up a lot of resources to effectively manage progress and keep a consistent tempo to a campaign. Producing unique high quality content at volume is the biggest resource hog when it comes to content marketing, as crafting high quality content whether they be blog posts, guest posts, press releases or infographics takes time and patience.

If you are a digital agency based in the UK and are perhaps wondering what the benefits are that come from outsourcing your content to be used within a content marketing strategy, whether those benefits be for your own business or your clients, here are five top benefits that we can sell to you today.

Generate new content ideas for your clients

As you will know unique content is the most valuable form of content online. The search engines love unique content, and penalize those that rehash, spin or copy other forms of content online. By outsourcing your content writing efforts you will be gaining access to a talented team of writers (yep, just like Content Hero) who can think outside of the box and generate new content ideas for your client, no matter how difficult the niche is.

Sometimes, the very best ideas come from a team who can offer a fresh pair of eyes.

Avoid any costly content writing errors

No matter what form of content is written on behalf of your business, its quality and accuracy reflects your business and if written poorly it can negatively affect your company’s reputation. A professional content writing company will have years of experience amongst writers to deliver content that is thoughtfully planned out and in line with brand guidelines.

The most common form of content writing error for UK business is the use of Americanised terms.

Save your team valuable marketing time

Writing content takes time, and if you operate a digital agency with a small team of talented individuals, then resources can be stretched to a point where the quality of writing suffers. Writing for the web should be carried out by a team who know what they are doing, and ideally by a team who can manage the whole content creation process for you. This will allow your team to focus their efforts on other forms of marketing.

By outsourcing your content, you will free up resources and your team will be able to focus more effectively on short term lucrative marketing opportunities.

Save money versus employing a writer direct

We aren’t sure about elsewhere in the world, but here in the UK hiring a new employee costs a lot of money. There are recruitment paths to think about, human resources to think about, and financial resources to think about. Chances are, hiring a new writer to join your team may not be financially viable nor may it help your business deliver great results like you think.

Hiring a content writing agency like Content Hero to manage the content writing process is more cost effective than hiring a new employee.

Generate new business contacts and develop a relationship with a creative team

At Content Hero we believe that a lot of success in business is made by the people that you know. Developing a close relationship with like-minded company’s is an amazing way to add value to your digital agency, and having a team like Content Hero behind your content marketing efforts will ensure that your own team grows in experience and develops a higher level of confidence.

At Content Hero we have worked with 10 of the most creative digital agencies in the UK and have made some terrific professional connections.

Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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