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How to Write Good Content even if you’re a Bad Writer

Content writing is a love for some and a chore for others. You either enjoy writing your mind or you don’t, and as you probably know by now, we’re the former.

But why do some people simply HATE writing?

The most common reason is that they are no good at it. You might be great at speaking and be a stellar salesman, but the ability to convey yourself in words escapes you. If that’s the case here’s how to write good content even if you’re a bad writer.

1. Have a point

Nobody wants to read the ramblings of a disgruntled customer. Nobody wants to spend an hour trying to decipher information within a post. That is, unless, you have a clear point at the beginning of your article and stick to it throughout. Presenters will always tell you that in order to convey your message effectively and stay on track you should pick a spot behind the audience and focus your attention on it. The same goes for your article. Have a point and don’t stray off.

2. Stick to a format

The basic format for an article is simple; headline – introduction – body – closing paragraph. Sticking a format will help you maintain your point and ensure you don’t go off on one. If you maintain format, you can ensure your points are made within each section of your content and maintaining format will also make editing easier. Sticking to a format also makes reading easier for a visitor and creates consistency in work.

3. Make your writing scannable

We make a big deal out of scannable content at Content Hero. Why? Because articles are for your visitors, so they should always be as digestible as possible. You can make them easy to read by using sub-headings and H tags, making use of bolds, italics, CAPITALS and underlining to give individual phrases and keywords importance within a body of text, and also by including images and media which add to the topic of your writing.

4. Simplify your writing

Modern writers like to say simple things in as complicated a way as possible. Here, we don’t. We say it how it is. Consider simplifying your writing by stripping out unnecessary phrases. Take into consideration would become consider, make an investigation into would become investigate. By simplifying your writing you can get to your point quicker and overall your writing will be more fluid.

5. Make friends with a dictionary

In your quest to become a better writer you need to make friends with a dictionary. If you’re English speaking in the UK like we are the Oxford English Dictionary is an invaluable tool. With thanks to modern technology there are also a range of mobile dictionary apps you can download which will help you write better content on the move. is one such example which is available on iOS and Android devices.

6. Always edit your work

Your copy and content should always be edited before it goes live online. Good editing will always correct point of view errors, melodrama, grammatical mistakes, the miss-use of phrases and the modern editor will stamp out any clichés. If you aren’t very good at spelling and you find in Microsoft Word a lot of things get underlined in green, it might be worth hiring an editor to check your work before it gets published.

Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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