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Does your Website Content Lack Pizzazz? Five Tips for Writing Better Copy

Simply having a website is not enough to attract new customers these days. You need to offer a unique user experience, present web pages that are interesting, easy to navigate and enjoyable to read. Plus you need to draw people in and get them to stay there and have a look around, not wander off to the next site.

Website content is a key element of the whole package. What you say on your pages can be just as important as the design and style that you use. So getting your words right is vital. With good copy you can encourage people to buy your product or use your services, offer them the help they need or demonstrate your expertise or reputation in your market.

So how do you go about creating better copy for your website? Read on for our top five tips and give your online pages a bit of pizzazz.

Have a purpose

Whatever you write on your website it should have a purpose. There is no need for waffle or filler. Get your message across clearly and concisely. Whether you are selling conservatories or offering marketing services; use your words wisely. Visitors do not want to have to scan through pages and pages of text to get to the bit where you talk about your experience or prices. This means you need a clear menu that states where each type of information can be found, and that content should be clearly presented within its set page. Interesting but useless information has no place on your main company website.

Focus on your customers

There is certainly a place to talk about your business and your people, but your customers should be the real focus of your website content. The words should be there to draw them in, entice them to look around and, ultimately, to make a purchase or use your services. Speak to visitors directly and demonstrate how you are there to help them, to solve their problems, save them money and so on. This will help you to earn their trust.


A blog can be a great way to show the human side of your company and also demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry. Write a regular blog or news page, either within your site or with a link to an external page, where you can talk about the latest developments in your sector, how your company is growing, the fundraising activities in your office that month and so on.

Be sociable

Social media is content too. If you have a business presence on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest be sure to link it to your website. This means that your latest posts will be automatically displayed on your home page. But unlike a website, social media is a two-way communication tool, so to be successful you must engage with your customers.

Get personal

Even the most corporate of websites can display a bit of personality. Have a page on your site to allow your employees to talk a little about themselves. And throughout, the tone should reflect your brand and your business style.

Gemma Rathbone is a freelance copywriter who works closely with Content Hero to deliver edited content solutions which speak a clients message.

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