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Does your Content Go Viral? If Not, Here’s Why [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re in the content marketing game you’ll know that there are two core ways to approach  it: 1) throw whatever you can against the wall to see what sticks, or 2) create planned content that is designed to connect with your target audience.

Which do you produce? Chances are, a bit of both. And that’s fine – you need to test new formats out to see how effective they are and you need to create and distribute content that’s proven in your industry. But has anything you’ve ever created gone viral, as in, generated thousands of hits to your website in a short period of time?

If it hasn’t, then you’re probably doing something wrong. To help you figure out where you’re falling short, WhoIsHostingThis has created a neat infographic titled “Five Reasons Your Awesome Content Isn’t Going Viral” and it has some pretty valuable advice.

One reason your content isn’t going viral, according to the infographic, is because of a lack of emotional appeal. The infographic says that emotion is the key reason things “catch on” and goes on to say that appealing to certain emotions will make content potentially more viral than others. The infographic also says that positive emotional responses tend to do better than negative emotional responses.

I won’t ruin the whole infographic for you though. Be sure to check it out below (click to view full size) or hit up our source, WhoIsHostingThis. Enjoy!

Viral Content Infographic

Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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