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2 Top Content Marketing Tips to Maximise your Success

At Content Hero we simply love to write. Heck, we do it for a living. During our time online we have met up with tens of digital agencies across the UK to discuss content marketing, talking up the positive effects that content marketing can have on a business’s online success. We manage the content creation process for digital agencies so that they can effectively direct publishing and distribution. We are a vital cog within any content marketing strategy, allowing the marketing success wheel to turn and bring value to clients.

One of the key points we always try to get across to our clients is that in order for any content marketing strategy to be a success you need to think long term. The internet has been around for a fair old while now and it is likely here to stay for the remaining time us human beings are scattered across the planet. Any content published online will remain online in some form or another. Even when a server closes and a website is shut down, the content on that website will be echoed around the internet and stored in hundreds of different archives for years, archives such as the Wayback Machine.

With the above in mind, it makes sense to think of content marketing as a long term investment. With all content which mentions your business you should be taking a proactive approach to ensuring its quality and also timeless appeal whereby it will still be relevant and useful 2 years from now. The longer your content published online is relevant, the higher the return on investment will be.

2 tips to maximise your content marketing strategy

Let’s take a look at 2 top tips that our team have to help you maximise your content marketing strategies success.

1. Have the right team and tools on board to write the content

Not all writers are created equal and some simply don’t cut the mustard. So what should you look for in a writer or a team of writers? Well, they should have experience in writing for the web for starters. Secondly, potential writers should be well versed in your businesses subject area, preferably with exact experience. Even better is the rare type of writer who knows all there is to know about SEO, and how every single piece of web copy should be written to generate maximum results. At Content Hero, for example, our editors are well versed in the world of SEO and I myself have held numerous roles as an online marketing expert. This puts Content Hero and myself in an ideal position to deliver searchable content.

2. The best articles and content published online is always scannable

Nobody likes to read 1000 words of content, unless they have to for a project. Blog posts, guest posts and web copy that mentions your business should be written in a way that is scannable. I wrote recently a very popular blog post on scannable content. Essentially, all of your content should make us of bold, CAPITALS, italics, underlining and headings to deliver writing which is split up in to segments and most of all writing that is impeccably easy to absorb. The aim for all web copy – as well as delivering information – is to create a form of positive reaction from the reader. How are you or any business supposed to do that when your pages are too dense to absorb? If your web copy is as thick as a morning fog, you may want to consider editing any existing copy.

Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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