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How we write interesting content for ‘boring’ industries

Here at Content Hero, we receive marketing requests and creative queries from a wide range of businesses. Their wants and needs are always different, but our team of content connoisseurs relish the opportunity to take on new and interesting projects.

However, that doesn’t mean to say the subjects, topics and themes these clients want covering are always exciting, as sometimes they come from ‘boring’ industries. This is by no means putting down or belittling our valued customers, because they would probably say the same thing. After all, they have come to us for engaging, compelling and entertaining content.

But in many respects, these challenges are what we look forward to the most. In fact, Content Hero are so proud and pleased with our approach to writing content for the more unremarkable industries in this world that we would like to share our secrets. We don’t mean to brag, we don’t mean to boast, we simply want to explain our creative process so other brands can benefit.

We make our content genuinely helpful

More often than not, consumers will go online to discover new information or find answers to a problem or issue. Therefore, we try and create content that is useful and above all else, helpful. Educational or informative content isn’t boring for those who require a solution.

Let’s say for example an individual has a problem with their central heating. While trying to find out what’s wrong, they stumble across a troubleshooting guide by a boiler insurance company. Along with solving the issue, this piece of content may also convince the consumer that taking out a policy will avoid this problem in the future.

If the boiler insurance company simply talked about their cover details, not many people would be interested. But by identifying and creating content that is helpful, this so-called ‘boring’ organisation becomes a lot more relevant and intriguing.

We write about specific themes and topics

It is possible to be even more useful and helpful by creating content that is highly specific. To do this, we identify defined personas of the target audience. That way, we can hone in on a few critical issues or questions customers need solving or answering.

Consequently, these topics and themes become a lot more particular, special and interesting. Creating content that is so specific may exclude a small segment of customers, but the ones that do discover our work will be much more appreciative and likely to take note, get in contact or make a purchase.

Take this article for instance. We could have quite easily come up with a piece about creating interesting copy. But instead, we decided to concentrate on a specific issue that certain companies struggle with. As a result, we have produced a much more relevant, provoking and hopefully successful article.

We write from a human’s perspective

When it comes to an organisation’s daily operations, Content Hero recognises the need to be professional. But if you take this formal and conventional approach to content, your clients or customer won’t get to discover just how professional you really are, as they’ll be too bored to discover more.

Therefore, we attempt to connect and interact with consumers on their level by writing content from a normal human being’s perspective. The audience relate to the feelings and emotions we express, making boring subjects that bit more tolerable.

The majority of consumers do not understand corporate spiel or industry jargon either. What’s more, they’ll find it incredibly tedious and off-putting. We don’t want your brand to sound like a cold-hearted company without a personality or voice. We’d much prefer it if you came across as a warm, friendly, approachable business with a genuine and authentic workforce.

We inject some fun and humour

At the other end of the scale from boredom, apathy and tediousness you’ll find enjoyment, pleasure and amusement. Injecting some fun and humour into certain articles isn’t always easy, but definitely not impossible.

Whether we decide to crack the odd joke, mention funny trending topics or incorporate Internet memes, there is always a way to charm the reader and make them laugh. While we always keep the client’s objectives and opinions in mind, these are sometimes easier to adhere to with a bit of light heartedness.

On top of that, some fun and humour can also set you apart from your fierce rivals or industry competitors. Would you rather read a witty and chucklesome blog that you’ll remember later that day or a formal and serious article, which will be forgotten about in no time?

We tell stories and recount real-life scenarios

Another way we make boring articles more relatable, relevant and riveting is by telling stories or recounting real-life stories. Even if we have to cover a dull or dry topic, there is a good chance we have previous knowledge about it or know someone that does.

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tactic used by several creative writers in the field of content marketing. We aim to evoke feelings and emotions such as joy, pleasure, anguish or despair, all of which resonate strongly with consumers.

If these stories relate to previous first-hand experiences then content becomes even more influential. We often interview interesting people on our own blog about their thoughts and opinions on a subject. We also reach out to previous and existing clients for testimonials or recommendations, because even marketing can be a bit dull at the best of times!

We do everything we can to make things more interesting

Overall then, there are several ways in which we make content that bit more interesting for clients who happen to operate in ‘boring’ industries. From being helpful and specific about certain issues to writing from a personable, humorous and genuine point of view, the tactics and techniques we utilise are quite varied. However, Content Hero always has the client’s best interests at heart.

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Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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